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UPDATED November 2018: The Fajardo Terminal on the main island of Puerto Rico is permanently closed. All ferries running to and from Vieques are now coming in and out of the new Ceiba Terminal. Ceiba is just a 5 minute car ride from Farjardo. 

We now have ADDITIONAL ferries running from Puerto Rico (aka "main island) to Vieques Island. The new "Fast Ferry" or PRFF take 30 minutes. The "old" ferries also known as the ATM ferries, take about 1 hour. 

Please feel free to call the hotel for updates as we learn about this new ferry system. The office number is 939-709-1428 or 201-450-8238. 

PRFF = "Fast Ferry" (Trip takes 30 minutes)

ATM = "Old Ferry" (Trip takes about an 60 minutes)


6:00 AM ATM

9:00 AM PRFF

11:00 AM ATM

1:00 PM PRFF

3:00 PM ATM

5:00 PM PRFF

6:30 PM ATM



6:30 AM PRFF

9:00 AM ATM

11:00 AM PRFF

1:00 PM ATM

3:00 PM PRFF

4:45 PM ATM

8:15 PM ATM

NOTE: Ferries schedules are subject to change, weather and island happenstance. Seagate Hotel is not liable for delays or cancellations of the ferry system.


Book flights online at:

Aero Taxi: 787-602-7605


Seagate Hotel does not offer transportation from the ferry or the airport to the hotel. Please call a taxi or publico for transport. Thank you. 

Online Reservations

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